SiStan ChapLee

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Whatcha gonna do now, Tancred? (15)

[16: 48]

Così quel contra Morte audace core
Nulla forma turbò d'alto spavento,
Ma lui che debil solo è contra Amore
Falsa imago deluse e van lamento.
Il suo caduto ferro intanto fore
Portò del bosco impetüoso vento,
Sì che vinto partissi, e 'n su la strada
Ripigliò poi la sua caduta spada.

So, that heart bold against Death was not
Shaken by any shape however frightening,
But him, who only against Love is weak, (*)
A fake image deluded, (**) a void lament.
His fallen blade (***) meanwhile had been dragged
Out of the forest by a violent wind;
Therefore he left, defeated, and on his way
Back, stooped to retrieve his fallen sword.

(*) With a faint echo from the sequence of Petrarch's Triumphs, but in reverse order as, in Petrarch, Death prevailed over Love.
(**) Here the Italian verb deludere has the same meaning as "to delude" in English, while in current Italian it means "to disappoint."
(***) With a symbolical implication: his virility.