Sunday, December 11, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 271-343

by Selkis + ilT

But the feeble fisher
by the Mar Tirreno
or Adriatic, Aegean
Caspian, Euxinus Sea
or Red Sea or Ocean
in northern Europe
and islands and India
who grew hoary on
the most solitary sands
[280] roving on the rocks
with his hook and net—
could he ever recount
the thousands of types
of the slippery progeny
the numberless amount
of scaly ways of life
all around Arda?
Some species in Egypt
others in the Eritrean Sea
[290] or Caspian or Persian
or at Atlas’ slopes
or at Indus’ mouth
may appear like aliens
or perplexing pilgrims.
How many are made by
the Ocean beneath Ursa
or on the opposite side
that resemble monsters!
But they all developed
[300] from the one Voice
who promoted plurality.
Some initially lay eggs
though without brooding
nor composing a nest
not fishing for food
but the water welcomes
and fortifies fries.
Some are viviparous:
differently from mules
[310] and many hybrid birds
their purest progeny
spreads forever fertile
through lawful loves.
Rules are rules: Although
morays mate with snakes,
the latter leaves its poison
otherwise the former flees.
No family of fish has
teeth in one sole section
[320] of their poor palates
like goats and oxen;
no fish—many think
ruminates replete,
except for scarus.
They all show saw-
like teeth in two rows
and different diets:
slime or fungi or algae
sea or swamp weeds
[330] or by the riverbeds.
Some believe in the bait
put by human hands,
fond of man’s food—
of lethal hidden hooks.
Most of them however
destroy one another:
To be small is to be meal.
But often opportunely
the proud predator will
[340] find a bigger fiend
try to vanish in vain
and be inexorably eaten,
two titbits in one belly.

(to be continued on Dec. 18)