Friday, January 20, 2017

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

A second poet now enters this blog to play a major role: Giovan Battista Marino (1569-1625). If bias and prejudice is currently strong against Torquato Tasso, even worse is it against Marino, often reduced to a Baroque chatterbox who wasted a lot of words to talk about frou-frou. In Italian anthologies just some 'harmless,' insignificant passages from his main work, Adone (Adonis), are usually included: the description of a rose, of a nightingale. . .

It should be remembered that he was not simply reproached but officially condemned by the Inquisition, like Galileo Galilei. And why? Because in Adonis there appear some undressed chicks? Literature and art of the time were full of that stuff. We will have to make the Marino Scandal clearer in the next weeks, and months, and years.

Since Adonis is thrice as long as the Divine Comedy, it would be crazy to translate and comment the whole of it. But, very many poignant passages will be selected and examined. So, save the date! Each Friday, Giovan Battista Marino will be waiting for you on these pages. To make you enjoy life. And at the same time, to make you discover that the world is not what it was supposed to be at first sight.