Sunday, January 8, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 405-480

from the DantEsq. set (go)

The octopus also uses
deceit. After clinging
to a stone undersea
he quickly takes on
the habitat’s hues;
[410] when a foolish fish
passes by and sees him
as an ordinary rock,
the damage is done.
Analogous are ass-lickers
in the palaces of power
and economy, who echo
the praise to the prodigies
of Fortune and transform
themselves thousandfold
[420] according to occasions
and times and tigers
by modifying moods
and words; with polite
people they play polite
suffering with the suffering
snobbish with the snobbish
adopting the others’ taste.
It is not easy to skip
meeting these managers
[430] and keep safe from
devils in the disguise
of Papal supporters.
Voracious wolves
put on lamb fleece
and look harmless:
Flee flee O friend
unclear connections!
Love Aletheia and
the soul’s innocence
[440] true trustworthiness.
Shape-shifting is the snake
consistently condemned
to slither on the soil.
Reliable are the righteous
just unlike Jacob, and
welcomed by LORD.
Our ambiguous habitat
as well as the wide sea
hosts serpents, Gwoemuls
[450] and monsters roaming
and krill all in the fray
being carefully curbed
by a wise and lawful
government: good
examples shower.
Don’t blame Big Boss
if beings are full of flaws.
Think, first of all, that
to every fish He fixed
[460] its proper place
with borders not to be
trespassed—or seldom—to
occupy private properties.
Inside its own turf does
each clan command.
No surveyor measured
areas or added walls
to their liquid palaces;
everywhere soft-wares
[470] are available
and distinctly destined.
This sea if for such fish
the other for the others,
no rivers no ridges
may halt their armies,
but an inflexible law
assigns harmoniously
nice neighborhoods
where the livin is easy
[480] and food sufficient.

(to be continued on Jan. 15)