SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 537-595

by ilT + Selkis

To be mute doesn’t mean
to be dumb: Dumb is to
withstand the will of
[540] LORD. So listen to the
voice of mute salmons,
whose actions teach to
partake in a pilgrimage
and abandon the bitter
waters for the fresh
(happy like flying a kite)
where the sun is sweet
and evaporation poor.
No smell of money
[550] makes them emigrate
as people do, but positively
the love of offspring.
Besides, Giants in ancient
times existed, now Nature
whelps them no more, why?
Pachyderms and whales
survived though, the work
of divine design, therefore
genuinely good. They
[560] so huge as hills
humble human pride
by frightening our eyes
with their “terribilitĂ 
and monstrous mass.
When God gave rise
to so many animals
varied and revolutionary
He made some to Man’s
utility and authority—that’s
[570] seldom soft to bear(s);
some for his own-Herr-ship
to supply us with a sample
of his multitasking tools
and power that pops up
differently here and there.
But Greeks those geeks
turned God’s grand deeds
into a jongleur’s joke
with luminous lies
[580] believing that beyond
Gibraltar some gorgeous
kingdoms and Disney
islands lay; add Ulysses
trip and the tremendous
people-eater Physeter
swallowing whole armies
so its sty-lish stomach
is to enemy nations
a bloody battlefield.
[590] But ships being sunk
by the White Whale
thousands and thousands
is no fairy tale at all,
and no joke was Jonah
gulped by Liopleurodon.

(to be continued on Jan. 29)