SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 596-674

An exhibition at the Royal Library in Turin, Italy
(Biblioteca Reale, Torino)

But the Forger’s Force
shines in small things
not only the enormous.
See! In full sail there
[600] a ship spins leeward,
unexpectedly a tiny fish
slows down her speed:
as idle as a painted ship
upon a painted ocean,
resting on a remora.
Creepy are the killer
whales and saw-fish
swordfish and sharks
but also cruel stingrays
[610] that, even dead, hit
and give gruesome death;
so does the sea hare.
But pros probably
cover cons, and fish
provide precious examples.
Gnothi seautòn, bro:
sea is life, you’re fish
and the Gennesaret net
snaring many species
[620] is like the Kingdom
that searches for souls
then cans the chosen ones
and throws out the others.
With cosmic consummation
the angels will announce
Doomsday and destine
the sinners to circles
the righteous to rays.
Fish are foul or good;
[630] if good, not caught
by net or iron hook but
sprinkled with Precious
Blood. Friend, youre fish
the one whose open mouth
showed a coin called
stater” that is the scales
of free unfixed will.
You’re fish, the fisher
being Peter or the Pope,
[640] sea a symbol of Gospel
the Church’s certainty.
Don’t be afraid, anchovy,
the hook makes you holy!
Fish, but fling yourself
out of the muddy stream
during storms—or shelter
in the abyssal bottom.
The sea is serene: Enjoy!
In a tempest or twister
[650] mind the mad wind
does not dehydrate you.
Now anyway let words
override the waves
let us look upwards
at a beautiful beach:
sea salt hardens white
as marble, a red rock
is the outcome of coral
that was soft undersea,
[660] there shines among shells
the pearl, solitary sands
seem gold and like gems
are multicolored stones.
Waters feed the Fleece
and are full of flowers
among which murex:
the fantastic fabric that
honors military leaders
splendid sovereigns
[670] Catholic cardinals
is the beauty and treasure
of Poseidon, his present—
he adds many more gifts
and superb sea parades.

(to be continued on Feb. 5)