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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 866-927

by Selkis + ilTM

Some create communities
and cooperate in clubs
as in close citizenship
under a king; no kingdom
[870] other species can stand
so they adopt anarchy.
Let us follow the former
and learn their lifestyle.
The bees build cities
with wax walls and cells;
they share expeditions
and works and meadows
as well as the larvae
a painless pregnancy
[880] without lascivious sex
that makes men sweat:
their children are chosen
out of fresh flowers.
Gathering all together
under one order they
follow a gracious queen,
no one will ever exit
towards fields and flowers
before the queen okays.
[890] She is not chosen
by chance or fortune that
unleash the unworthy
nor ideological election
nor as the spoilt successor
of some mean monarch
puffed up with pride
softened by luxury and
devoid of doctorates;
Nature gives her governance
[900] and storied insignia
in gold to glorify her
charming carriage
and meek management.
She does exhibit a sting
but not as a truncheon
for laws are not written
on paper or parchment
nor sculpted on stone
but nailed in the minds:
[910] where power ranges
clemency is called for.
Just, any rebellious bee
against the queens Acts
will soon subside and
hit itself by its own
Orwellian sting, and—well,
a sour self-punishment
as it happened in Persia
resorting to suicide.
[920] No Japanese emperor
in past or recent periods
saw as much awe
in his pious people
as does in her beehive
Her Mellifluous Majesty
who can avoid employing
gas against her subjects.

(to be continued on March 5)