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Friday, March 24, 2017

[GBM] Adonis' Horoscope

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Fortune in person discloses to Adonis his future. Since we, from mythology, already know Adonis' destiny (but he does not), we can see that she is partially deceiving him---or at least, she uses a typical gimmick of horoscopes: this will "surely" happen "if you. . ." Adonis will listen to other horoscopes in the poem, to no avail anyway. In canto 11, Mercury will read the stars to him, but Venus will try to convince Adonis that astrology is rubbish. Then, in canto 15, Venus herself disguised as a gypsy will read his hand! Once again Giovan Battista Marino was playing with fire because, precisely in the early 17th century, the Catholic Church hurled the final attack against astrology. On these interesting as well as puzzling and quite inconsistent facts, see here.


"Then, worship me, and onto the top     N.B. see Matthew 4.8-9
of my wheel you will soon ascend!
To the throne whence you were driven away
by your mother's ungodly trick I'll lead you.    Myrrha secretly loving her father
Just, in the place where Fate exalts you,
be wary so as to keep yourself,
for often by foreseeing one's dangers
caution could break ill fortune."