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Friday, March 10, 2017

[GBM] Enter Adonis

Gustave Moreau, Jason

Starting from Adonis 1.41, we are provided the first description of the protagonist---that is, here as well as throughout the whole poem, not the actual description of his features but the general impression they create in the observer. Adonis lives in northwest Arabia, where his mother Myrrha has been exiled after her incestuous love. She was the princess of Cyprus, though, and Adonis is about to go back there very soon.


Such a great treasure of Nature and Love
gathered in himself he seems to neglect
while, with his beautiful eyes and face,     lit., eyelash
he tries to cloud the sun, mortify April;     lit., make April (flowers) look ugly
but, either frowning and threatening or
walking unkempt, he cannot be but gentle
and, however rustic and a little proud,     sdegnosetto, typical -etto form; hypocorism
he will look lovely in spite of himself.