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Friday, March 31, 2017

[GBM] Love's scheme

Andrea Mantegna, Parnassus

Encouraged by Fortune, Adonis gets in the boat and starts to coast the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile, Love reaches his own father Vulcan in the island of Lemnos: he will use Vulcan's laboratory to forge a special arrow that will make Venus fall crazily in love with Adonis. (Love does not. . .  love his father at all; he despises him because Vulcan is uncouth. So does Venus.) After that, the winged god flies to Neptune's palace, underwater south of Greece, for he needs a storm to drive Adonis to Cyprus, Venus' home.


Love comes, and from its dark springs
the sea rises, crimped, white with foam;     with a sexual hint
its ends on both sides it lifts like
mountains, dividing in the middle;     see Moses
and unveiling its bottom bridges, dry,
it opens the gates of the great palace.
He enters the realm where his mother     Venus
was born, the place of fish and waters.

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