SiStan ChapLee

Monday, March 13, 2017

On the Grendelization of Super-Villains

A trend in recent Marvel Comics stories seems to be a "Grendelization" of super-villains, i.e. changing them into huger and huger, wild, dark, misshapen -- and sad -- ogres who not only fight but (try to) eat the super-heroes. The phenomenon gets especially clear with Hulk and Venom; see e.g. Space Punisher and Thunderbolts, in addition to the two examples above.

Incidentally, it is a pity that Beowulf was made available again in print no sooner than 1833: Renaissance authors would have loved it! But, in a sense, they did use materials from Beowulf insofar as they drew on the large stock of classical sources and Medieval folklore that inspired the old English poem too. And the other way round, the super-powered knights of the poems of chivalry paved the way to Marvel characters as well as to the success of Beowulf nowadays.