Sunday, March 12, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1003-1087

Who taught to them
such job or charity?
Who will reward them
or try as deserters if
they leave their place?
Now learn O mortals
learn from the rooks
[1010] how hospitality
works, let no host
deprive the pilgrims
of their bed or bread
if for foreign birds
our birds fight in battle
and share their troubles.
For this very reason
Sodom was destroyed
by showers of sparkles
[1020] after abusing both
courtesy and sexuality.
Pitiful Providence
the master of storks
can convince children
to help their parents:
When a stork is old
and lowers his wings
and frail feathers, his
sons surround him now
[1030] practically plucked
to warm him up with
their prosperous plumage,
furnish him with food
and lift the grey loon
on their wings, therefore
he can afford a flight
with extra energies.
Aren’t we loath to help
our failing fathers?
[1040] Who will take on this?
It does seem mythology.
We’ll rather entrust him
to some East-European
underpaid nurse.
Let’s come to a comely
example of motherhood:
Don’t fear the future
or the pains of poverty
if you look at the lifestyle
[1050] of the smart swallow.
Her anatomy is thin
but her senses sublime;
tho in straits, her nest
she plans by herself
richer than China, for
all treasures are useless
compared with the Club
of Wisdom. She wisely
retains fly-freedom
[1060] while bringing up
her tender children
safe from the ferocity
of preying species
under the roofs of Man,
fostering friendship.
Amazing is the art by
which she builds without
any smith or engineer:
she chooses the straws
[1070] mends them with mud
to compress the mass—
if her feet prove not fit
she washes her wings
and wallows in dust
manufacturing mud;
she gathers and glues
the straws into a loft.
If a chick is pricked
by mistake, she makes it
[1080] see thanks to medicine.
If you mourn money
see the swallow and
pray God who gave her
such a great genius that
poverty and fortune
and their tragedies can
be balanced by thrift.

(to be continued on March 19)