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Sunday, March 19, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1088-1176

Galleria Sabauda, Torino --
turkeys were a novelty in the Renaissance

The small sea halcyon
builds a ball-like nest
[1090] with underwater weeds;
her chicks in mid-winter
emerge from the eggs on
the littoral where she laid
her welcome load.
This occurs when cruel
winds whisk the sea
which white with foam
breaks against the rocks,
but at her delivery
[1100] Aelous deflates
the waves lay flat
the clouds are clipped
and a serene sky
now blesses birds:
seven delightful days
she broods her babies
and seven, feeds them.
Halcyonian fortnight”
old sea dogs saywhose
[1110] candid clearness
makes them remarkable.
May this comfort us in
our evening prayers: If
a little thing is granted
the oceans cease-fire
in the cold solstice and
the sea’s surrender,
what will God grant us?
He who gave us Jesus
[1120] His certified copy.
A widow turtledove
seeks no second spouse
but lives solitary on
a dead branch, drinking
from a poor puddle
to honor her husband.
She chooses chastity
and follows fidelity
since Klotho cannot
[1130] break the holy bond
she wove with “I will”;
may human widows too
shun second weddings
not plunging into Lethe
their inhumed honey.
The educator eagle is
a most strict master, he
rejects two out of three
with his wing hits and
[1140] takes care of the third—
to have enough food,
or a higher reason perhaps
he has: not shortage
but a stern test to show
he doesn’t love layabouts
therefore drags them
towards the sun. The one
who stares at its rays
defeating its dazzle with
[1150] proud perseverance
is chosen, not discarded
like those idle eaglets
deserving a great refusal.
But outcasts are welcomed
by the bone-breaking eagle
(a mongrelized group
or with hybrid ancestors)
who friendly feeds them
together with her team.
[1160] So ferocious fathers
disclaim their children
or tyrannize them.
All cutlass-clawed ones
as soon as their sons
timidly try to fly
with feathers too soft,
fling them off the nest
and if some resist
they are whipped with
[1170] their sire’s remiges.
We will rather praise
the crow’s approach
who as a meek mother
leads her children in
their first feeble flights
nor does she skimp.

(to be continued on March 26)