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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1177-1243

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Many species moreover
do not need any males,
females are air-fertilized
[1180] tho with sterile sons:
no grandchildren cheer
Notos, Auster, and Eurus.
Without that sweet sweat
vultures also proliferate
and live a long life
whose astonishing span
covers one century.
Some mock the mystery
of undefeated faith:
[1190] an untouched matrix
hosting Theou Hyios
who saved her virginity.
Well, here zoology lends
a guarantee to God;
what vultures can
He also is able to.
Those flyers can foresee
thanks to a sixth sense
the death of soldiers:
[1200] they escort squadrons
expecting the carnage
the business of battle.
What about the abhorred
leagues of locusts?
As at a Sieg!-signal
thousands take off
then encamp endlessly
all over the landscape
but they taste no fruit
[1210] before the boss’ OK.
More: In summertime
balm-crickets by means
of their inward lyre
make forests resound.
And against the sun
under shadowy shelters
there hides Athena’s
beloved bird—or bat,
which exhibits teeth and
[1220] possesses four feet
(the ostrich only needs
two, however heavy)
using two to walk, while
spreading its skin wings.
United to one another
they create a chain:
Nature teaches by this
the ligaments of love.
As blind as a bat’s are
[1230] the eyes of scholars
who want earthly wisdom:
Chiropterans perfectly see
in the night but light
destroys their sight,
seemingly smart minds
trust in vain thoughts but
Light liquidates them.
A living alarm clock
[1240] summons the sun
and awakens wayfarers
to their trip, farmers
to reap ripe sheaves.

(to be continued on Apr. 2)

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