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Sunday, March 5, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 928-1002

by ilTM + Selkis

Listen O Christians
followers of Forgiveness
[930] to eradicate evil!
Mind this high example
to bee imitated! They
in providing provisions
do not damage the others
and have homes made with
wax from the meadows.
Flowers and plants
spreading sweet smells
form the foundations
[940] of a spacious palace
sprinkled with a wet
then sticky substance;
the wax works out walls
between separate cells
(surmounted by empty
vaults) whose vicinity
connects them within
a most solid structure
thanks to that cement.
[950] This counters collapses
so that the house holds
and honors the honey.
The engineer insect proved
an amazing architect
upgraded and updated
with appropriate apps:
he conceived the cells
in hexagonal harmony
not perpendicularly put
[960] but the lower lay in
correspondence to the upper
and everything fits in.
Oh how can you recount
the brilliance of birds?
Peregrin cranes carrying
a stone in their phalanges
can balance their flights
when on cloudy occasions
they leave our lands
[970] and cross Our Sea
to nidify by the Nile:
the same as the ballast
used in waves and winds
by an exploring ship.
Cranes also have escorts
who when sleep is set
walk thru the whole camp
to watch over the winds
and the night enemies;
[980] when their turn ends
as if a siren sounded
they wake co-workers
and naturally nap while
the others take over.
Their flights have a leader
who—say—bears the banner
then withdraws in due time
and lets a fellow lead.
Intelligence and talent
[990] have the storks, starting
together their flag-dressed
trip towards our countries
while crows accompany
and even defend them
as bold bodyguards
against jihadist attacks
as France and Russia do
or international leagues.
Nowhere during that duty
[1000] you can detect crows:
they’ll reappear red-feathered
because of war wounds.

(to be continued on March 12)