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Friday, April 28, 2017

[GBM] Home sweet home

from the "DantEsq." set (see)

Cyprus is described as an Edenic island, a very typical subject in Renaissance literature: All animals live in peace with one another (see Isaiah 11), roses have no thorns, the season is forever Spring---though inconsistently, but for poetical reasons, Marino will afterward switch to Summer. Here Adonis meets Clizio, a young shepherd who will be his guide to Venus' palace, and whose role is "played" by a friend of Marino, Giovan Vincenzo Imperiali. Clizio "Homerically" asks Adonis about his name, his origin, and his adventures; then welcomes him to Cyprus, which happens to be Adonis' homeland, whence his mother Myrrha was chased after her sexual scandal. But as he and we will learn, Adonis is already destined to become the king of the island.

1.139. 7 - 140. 8

"Strange," he says, "almost beyond belief,
are your events, O gentle pilgrim.

But don't dislike to change your home
with this pleasant place: Take it easy
for, if you love hunting as you show,
you'll find wrathless, clawless beasts.     not all of them
I don't think Heaven has uselessly
saved you from such a deadly danger
or to no high purpose, traveling long,     king for one day, then killed
did your lost boat reach our coasts."

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