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Sunday, April 2, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1244-1297

by Nivalis70 (website)

We are also awakened
and called to diakrisis
against the foul fiend
by those geese that justly
saved Roma Regina
announcing the ambush
[1250] of brute barbarians
who in bedtime climbed
its illustrious hill where
the powerful Rock stood
and Jupiter’s temple.
Not to speak of swans
who sing most sweetly
the day before death
letting our spirits hope
in the halls of heaven;
[1260] or Eastern silkworms
with wings and feelers
supreme shape-shifters.
My lovely Ladies, you
weave and re-weave with
myrtles and mythology
fabulous fabrics by
means of import threads
to beautify your bodies
with delightful dresses.
[1270] Oh please consider
the words you often heard,
that we will rise again
in an immortal mantle
and all woven with gold
you will be Sun-shine
in heaven, embellished
not with pearls or purple.
Now I’ll sing solely
about you, the outstanding
[1280] born-again bird.
I’ll put a worshiped pyre
of verse to convey
your voice everywhere
sweeping splendidly
thru this serene sky
far away from Arabia.
Among the bird bands
when they first flew
engineered by God, He
[1290] formed the phoenix too
if folklore is reliable.
In her vicissitudes
unique, dead, then risen
God the Father finxit
his semper vivens Son
who would be born again
as was written in eternity.

(to be continued on Apr. 9)

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