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Sunday, April 9, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1298-1362

A place in the perfumed
and ever-sunny Orient is
[1300] categorically the gate
of day-porter Apollo; not
by the suns summer rising
nor where it first appears
dim in mid-winter but in
the direction of dawn
after equinoctial nights.
With far-stretching fields
a flat tableland rises
with no slopes or drops
[1310] but whose forehead
is set twelve times
higher than Himalaya.
There a dark forest
consecrated to the Sun
has evergreen leaves,
embraced by the Ocean;
when the fire scarred
the sky cause of Phaëton
this forest was safe
[1320] and after the Flood
it remained emersed.
Here Disease doesn’t come
nor does Age or Death
nor gruesome Greed
nor Sin or fierce Ares
or maniacal Murder,
far are Fears and Pain
and Poverty in rags
and troubled Thoughts
[1330] and thorny Concerns.
Here Storm doesn’t show
her mad mutant power
nor do darkened clouds
frighten the fields,
no raging rain falls.
Murmuring in the middle
a crystal clear spring lives
rich with sweet waters
which opportunely overflow
[1340] once a month.
Here the lofty trunk
of a leafy tree is laden
with un-fallable fruits.
In the wood there dwells
the phenomenal phoenix
who doesn’t die forever
anatomically angelical
the sister of stars
the victress of Time.
[1350] As the Sun’s ancilla
she has a natural duty:
when the reddish dawn
starts to ascend the sky
forcing the stars to fade
she washes seven times
her frame in the stream
and seven times sips;
then flies to the highest
branch and Buddha-like
[1360] watches the wood
till turning eastward she
waits for the sun’s rays. 

(to be continued on Apr. 23, after Easter)

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