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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1363-1430

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Now that the solar aura
blazes and blows
she starts to sing a holy
song so as to attract
and accelerate light.
No chant from Cirrha
no Apollonian harmony
[1370] no Hermetic ragtime
no Beatles can beat her.
When Phoebus definitively
shines in the luminous sky
along his wonted orbit
she applauds him happily
with sequined wings
singing twenty-four/seven:
like a cuckoo clock she
tells the time, finally worships
[1380] the sun and falls silent—
among supernatural plants
and fascinating shades
the priestess who preserves
all secrets of philosophy
so bow before her O men.
After a thousand years
now growing very old
(she who could cross
hail and hurricanes)
[1390] to join rejuvenation
and shun sorry times
she leaves the leafy wood
and longing for Life
flies towards our West
where Death dominates.
She soars slowly towards
her fellow Phoenicia
with an analogous name
where in the wilderness
[1400] she looks for a loft
and hides in the woods.
She then detects a date
palm (scientifically: Phoenix,
again the same name)
resistant to the teeth of
any scaly snake or hawk
or all sorts of behemoths
while in their wineskins
the winds keep quiet
[1410] in order not to disturb
that magic atmosphere
and no whirl envelops
the air preventing her
from seeing the sun.
Here she makes her home
or better still her tomb
where to regenerate
and recreate herself.
She gets organic
[1420] juices and spices
the industry of Indians
the products of Pygmies
and the best goods given
by prosperous Sheba:
costly cardamom
beauty-farm balsam
cassia and acanthus
mystical incense
tender nard and
[1430] mythical myrrh.

(to be contined on Apr. 30)

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