SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1431-1501

She sets her transforming
body and laying limbs
in that bounteous bed,
in a false sepulcher she
customizes her cradle,
she soaks the nest and
herself with scents,
celebrates the exequies
and—now growing weak—
[1440] sings psalms to the sun
adoring and asking for
the fire that will finally
re-energize her.
Her scented soul she
entrusts to the tomb
believing without doubts.
Now vital thanatos
burns her body with
the help of Helios beams,
[1450] she is Agni and Agnus
promptly passing away
to rise as soon as possible.
The sparks are like stars
the phoenix fainter and fainter
Selene slows down
tired Nature sort of fears
the bird in that birth, though
marvelous, may be lost.
But soon the uncertain
[1460] boundary is broken,
having changed into ash
she gathers her grains
into a solida secret
force functioning as DNA.
Matter is animated
and becomes an oval
then regains its frame
and fragmenting the egg
there pops up the phoenix.
[1470] Gradually the chrysalid
is fledged with feathers
as becomes the butterflies
from anchored cocoons.
She needs no nourishment
from human hands but
drinks dews down from
gold stars and silver moon
like a crystalline rain.
Among a thousand odors
[1480] she drinks those dews
till due development;
but as a bird in bloom
she longs for her land.
The relics of her previous
burnt-out body she
anoints with holy oil
(incense, myrrh, balm)
rolling them into a ball
with her multi-use mouth
[1490] then claws her luggage
and hastens eastward.
An uncountable crowd
of birds flies beside her
or rather a true army as
conspicuous as a cloud;
not one of those fighters
would dare defy her,
they adore their queen;
not the hawk would, nor
[1500] the so-called carrier
of Jupiters thunderbolts.

(to be continued on May 7)