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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Is it her or not? (3)

[GC 17: 42]

Somiglia il carro a quel che porta il giorno,
Lucido di piropi e di giacinti;
E frena il dotto auriga al giogo adorno
Quattro unicorni a coppia a coppia avinti.
Cento donzelle e cento paggi intorno
Pur di faretra gli homeri van cinti,
Et a negri destrier premono il dorso
Che sono al giro pronti e lievi al corso.

Her chariot recalls the sun-carrying one,
Shining with pyropes and hyacinths; (*)
Her skilled charioteer bridles, two by two,
Four unicorns tied to an adorned yoke.
A hundred damsels and a hundred pages
Encircle her, a quiver on their shoulders,
While pressing the back of black (**) steeds
Easy to rotate, light in running.

(*) "Classical" precious stones.
(**) They were white in Gerusalemme Liberata 17: 34, but all the other details in the description have remained the same.

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