SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1502-1560

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Like barbarian armies
reviewed by a Parthian
king with gems and gold
proud and crowned,
his purple cloak adorned
with Syrian pearls,
with golden reins guiding
his frothing horse
[1510] across Assyrian cities
his exceptional empire
so, an astonishing sight,
the born-again bird flies
with a royal bearing.
Her color recalls
the poppy as it opens
its deep red petals
like a veil covering
her breast and back,
[1520] her fan fakes
gold painted with purple,
her feathers fashion
a rainbow between
the clouds including
emerald and ermine
and sky blue and so on;
her eyes are hyacinths
flashing with flames,
carbuncle is her beak,
[1530] her radiate crown
is like Miss Liberty’s
her legs are scaly, her
talons rosy, her shape
copies the peacock and
the Phasis peasant.
Her size is such that no
Arabian animal is bigger
though not slow at all
but fast and featuring
[1540] her mighty majesty.
In times gone in Egypt
a city was sacred to Ra,
where a celebrated temple
had a hundred pillars
quarried from Karnak;
here the bird discharges
her luggage on an altar
delivering her load
to the flames and seven
[1550] times adores Ammon.
The seed burns, smoke
waves sweet-smelling
and flies to the fields
of Pelusium perfuming
Ethiopia up to India.
Puzzled by the spectacle
Egypt greets its visitor
and eternizes her by
modeling her in marble
[1560] engraving her name.

(to be continued on May 14)