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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 5: 1561-1626

text from The Island of Doctor Moreau;
in the background, Gabriele D'Annunzio's mausoleum

O the happy parent
and heir of herself
both feeder and fed
undistinguished by sex
nor murdered by time!
Venus doesn’t destroy
nor softens you, Thanatos
you love more than Eros
as you rise as the same
[1570] and different, forever.
Chronos meanwhile modified
all streams and ranges
but you remain unmoved
with the selfsame face.
In the turnings of time
listed by billions
so many worthy things
you only saw, and live.
But your main meaning
[1580] as a precious painting
is to signify the Son
true God from true God.
Nature resorts to you
to show the unsteady
that they will surely rise
again from their graves;
though faith is confirmed
by a much higher light
it honors you nonetheless
[1590] before our Forger,
Sun of the physical sun.
Both yielding elements
stirred by winds or waves
with inhabitants existed—
if birds belong to the air
rather than the earth that
gives them food, flight.
The Almighty admired
his creatures: They had
[1600] his goodness engraved
a theological trademark,
He blessed the baby boom,
Let a prolific offspring
wad all waters
and colonize countries
and stuff the sky!”
This clear command
started up the ecosystem;
Ages replaced Ages
[1610] millions of months passed
from the bio-beginning
to the Latter (our?) Day
and no successful phylum
because of floods or fires
or disastrous diseases
or its own instinct or Man’s
traps and slaughters
underwent extinction,
they mate and multiply.
[1620] So viable is the voice
of their guardian God
so that fulfillment may fit
this all-embracing Earth
who welcomes everyone.
Done! Dawn to sunset
He finished the fifth day.

(to be continued on May 21)

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