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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 1-75

Songday 6

Where renowned Olympus
the hotel ton theon
above vapors and winds
raises its serene head
and Alpheus in its waves
carried glorious dust
of boxers bathing,
Pisa proposed prizes
for its Games, gathering
[10] wrestlers and racers
steeds and charioteers who
with overheated wheels
turned around the metae
as the followers of fame;
and the supreme poets
partook in the contest
with sweetest songs
making audiences say
that they proved peerless.
[20] The first days often
passed without a winner,
only in the last session
over the top of toils
when shame menaced
a just judgment gave
the bard his due reward
and his name became
a mass media mania.
Similarly in this sort
[30] of Wisdom Quiz Show
where sitting supreme
is the Vicar of Christ
promoter of Mercy,
a much more demanding
attempt awaits me
in this definitive Day
when possibly a prize
will relieve my labors,
penalties to opponents.
[40] A game not equivalent
to wrestling in a ring
or singing in San Remo
is my desperate try
insofar as the hazard is
not despise but death.
Therefore friends! please
hand me your help,
enter together with me
this limitless theater
[50] of creation: reflecting
on the art of Adonai
let us lift our minds
towards his Jerusalem
and its superior prizes.
No laurel garland
I want, that would swiftly
lose its green and glory,
nor of pale olive leaves
(a specimen from Germany
[60] Hercules exported);
I long for health and peace
on earth and in heaven.
Meanwhile this crown
is set before your eyes
and will hopefully honor
your deeds. Please learn
fruitfully O friends
about exotic ethology
predators and herds
[70] and Man the Maker’s
last-born made with humus
but to become a king
even deathless unless
Sin convinced him to get
both exile and loss.

(to be continued on May 28)

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