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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 76-147

Dagon, after Lovecraft

After unfolding the sky
and leveling the lands
and fixing the firmament
that divided the waters;
[80] after the unification
of the liquid element
labeling soil and sea
and the putting of plants
God improved his plan
by decorating day and
darkness with lamps
and strewing with stars
in different figures
the universe, whose
[90] motions are marvelous.
Into the water wombs
fish were inseminated
flyers into the atmosphere
then the Creator decreed
an ever-fulfilled law,
Let all living souls
emerge from the earth
some standing on all fours
some snaking prone
[100] and let all proliferate
in whatever environment
with their respective societies.”
So God created big cats
and woolly big horns
and the lower reptilians
that snake in circles. Does
this imply Anima mundi?
Was Earth an expectant
mother in a delivery room?
[110] Did Gnosticism guess
right in its proud lies
and the philosophers who
gave Mundus a mind?
A spirit—they say—soaks
heaven and earth and
the sphere of the sun
Luna and constellations
and oxygen and sea
feeding them as their
[120] mega-metabolism.
Those who dared endow
the soil with a soul
and made Gaia a god
or a sentient zoo
misunderstood Moses
twisting his Torah.
Dryness was soulless
but its Manager gave it
the power of production.
[130] “Let grass germinate
and trees furnish fruits”
not because vegetables
were all ready already!
No oak cypress or palm
as hidden underground
sprouted all of a sudden:
Of past and present things
Logos is life and physis.
So “germinate” genuinely
[140] meant in God’s mind:
Let the earth receive
what it currently lacks”
but will presently possess.
Living souls” supposes
no pre-existent psyche
but a capacity coming
from the Forger’s word.

(to be continued on June 4)

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