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Friday, June 9, 2017

[GBM] A not original sin

Palazzo Della Penna, Perugia (Italy)

In front of Love's palace, Adonis notices a strange tree. As he and we will learn (stanza 40), it has developed from the golden apple that Venus received from Paris in the infamous Judgment; the goddess herself planted it here. As soon as Adonis sees the tree, he instinctively repeats Eve's action as in Genesis 3.6.


It has diamond-like roots and trunk,
emerald leaves, and silver flowers.     flowers and fruits together
Golden are its never-lacking fruits,
and purple adds to the gold's beauty.
Satisfying, after sight, taste also
did Adonis, curious, now feel like;
therefore he picked one---and as if
filled with ambrosia it proved sweet.     the food of the gods

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