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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Go, see, win!"

In Gaza, the valiant Armenian -- and formerly Christian -- leader Emiren is appointed as the head of the whole Muslim rescue army by the Sultan of Egypt. Reminder: Emiren is a fictional character, and the true Sultan never took part in the First Crusade.

[GC 17: 47]

Mentre Emiren, chinando il capo al petto,
Pur s'inginocchia, il Re così gli dice:
- Te' questo scettro. A te, Emiren, commetto
Le genti, e tu sostieni in lor la mia vice;
E porta, liberando il Re soggetto,
Su' Franchi l'ira mia, cui tutto lice.
Va', vedi, vinci, e non lasciar de' vinti
Avanzo, e mena presi i non estinti -.

While Emiren, bowing his head low,
Also kneels, the King speaks so to him,
"Take this scepter! To you, Emiren, I entrust
These peoples: Be my vicar among them,
And by freeing the sieged King, (*) bring
My all-powerful wrath against the Franks. (**)
Go, see, win! (***) Of the vanquished leave
No remnant, and capture all survivors."

(*) Emir Ducat in Jerusalem. A historical personage.
(**) The term meant the Crusaders/Westerners in general.
(***) Clearly echoing Julius Caesar's Veni vidi vici.

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