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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 233-315

by ilTM + Selkis

The animal soul is blood
which thickens into flesh
which decays into clay:
perishable are the souls
of wild beasts, or better
still, they are demi-dead.
God ordered the soil
[240] to lend living souls,
the soul becomes blood
then flesh then fimus
and the other way round
fimus to flesh to blood
and blood becomes soul,
so their soul is soil,
don’t deem it older than
their body and therefore
accessing afterlife.
[250] Mind metamorphoses
and time turnings,
just leave learned talk
in deserved silence.
Big Doctors dare say
that Reason corresponds
to the soul of hissing
snakes, barking beagles
and dream of themselves
having been kings, knights
[260] across different times
and even a damsel or
a fish a birch a Bush
behaving as blockheads
more than tunas or trunks.
Not even one of them
however misunderstanding
said “soul equal earth”
but following the fake
signs of sense and motion
[270] some said, “It’s air”
some preferred fire
some maintained humor
some volunteered vapor;
so the Magna Mater
pregnant then prolific
with all living souls
was rudely dishonored
by those contentious
out-of-date authors.
[280] We contrariwise
honor the mighty Mother
and call animal souls
her daughters.
nothing new or ancient
about the Earth’s figure
can be stated for sure
by a tribunal of truth.
Some see it in the shape
of a sphere, some instead of
[290] a cylinder or hard disk
or a basket, a barnyard
or empty inwardly and
embellished on both sides.
Dante abducted to alien
portals as he reports,
saw or guesses he saw
this exasperating planet
as a fallow flowerbed
anyway clearly a ring.
[300] For some people the Poles
and the equatorial stripe
were desert and deserted;
they painted the latter
and the icy surfaces
as Lovecraftian places.
The torrid Equator left
two zones subject to the sun
not directly heating them
in the remaining areas
[310] whose climate is milder:
of which we inhabit one
in a narrow biome between
perpetual cold and heat
and the other hemisphere
hosts Bear-less barbarians.

(to be continued on June 18)

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