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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 316-356

But our Era experienced
that in all latitudes there
swarms Man, the tough
descendant of Adam.
[320] The planet doesn’t look
at all like a timbrel as
Aristotle shot at random
nor like a turtle shell
but its crust is round
like an apple peel.
Not an island, insofar
as it does not seat inside
Ocean but vice versa—
that’s true but trivial,
[330] so let thought focus
on meaningful matters.
Who cares about acres
like a land surveyor,
let us please stop playing
the part of Pantokrator.
He only can hand the Earth
He measured the seas
and streams and skies
He estimated mountains
[340] He weighed woods
He supported the planet
and placed people in it
who behave like locusts
His ceiling is the sky
He, the universal Sotér.
Let nobody conjecture
how many miles the shadow
of opaque Terra stretches;
how it deprives Diana
[350] of splendor thru eclipses
or whether it overshadows
Venus’ fascinating face.
We all are now wondering
at God’s voice invading
every cell of his creatures
and reaching to their ends.

(to be continued on June 25)

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