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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 357-410

Like a marble ball that
accelerates after being hit
and meeting a declivity
[360] starts to roll downward
while its frictionless form
makes it go faster and faster
until its show is stopped
by the flat land below;
so, activated by the Voice,
Nature runs throughout
all that is made/unmade
preserving every phylum
deathless till Doomsday.
[370] The heir of a horse
remind his father’s features,
a calf looks like a cow.
A lion cub is characterized
by mane and mortal claws
and together, he inherits
anger and magnanimity
(that makes gentlemen spare
an unsaddled adversary)
and love for loneliness
[380] so shunning society
he wanders in the wild
deserts and forests
across Numidia, Mauritania
or even Europe when free
living lions still existed.
Like Alfieri’s fierce Saul
almost unapproachable
he does not accept to get
benefits from foreigners,
[390] disgusted by leftovers
as Della Vigna by living.
His throat is so developed
his voice so violent that
it paralyzes his preys,
even swiftest sprinters
are shocked and caught;
but after lunch he relaxes
and frolics with friends
not afraid of anything.
[400] Age makes him clumsy
and slow to the extent
that he attacks the towns
to eat unprotected people.
This cat however cruel
even raging and roaring
when wrath upsets him
is frightened by flames
and is afraid of roosters
especially if their plumage
[410] shines snow-white.

(to be continued on July 2)

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