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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The conspiracy (1)

Now Tasso links the plot back to a previous episode: Vafrino being sent as a spy from the Christian camp near Jerusalem to the Muslim camp in Gaza.

[GC 17: 56]

Di qua, di là sollecito s'aggira
Per le vie, per le piazze e per le tende;
I guerrieri, i destrier, l'arme rimira,
L'arte, gli ordini osserva e i nomi apprende;
Né di ciò pago, a maggior cose aspira,
Spia gli occulti pensier, e parte intende.
Tanto s'avolge, e così piano e cheto,
Che s'apre il varco al ragionar secreto.

Here and there he attentively roams
Along the streets and squares and tents;
At the warriors, horses, weapons he looks,
Watches the arrangement, learns the names--
And still unsatisfied, he aims at more:
Spies on hidden thoughts, and partly finds.
So deep does he sneak in, so quietly so,
That he comes across a secret talk.

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