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Friday, July 28, 2017

[GBM] Venus got game

The Judgment of Paris in G. B. Marino's version: Paris is charmed by Venus much more than by the other two goddesses. The general tone of the episode makes us suspect that Venus would "offer herself" to Paris if the myth had not already provided a different solution (Helen).


The shepherd, conquered by her graceful words     parolette (Dante)
and tied and bound by such a great beauty,
on those new, those immortal marvels     "miracles," etymologically
is all intent, spiritless and pulseless.
Love has hit his heart with sweet arrows
and inflamed his chest with sweet sparks,
so that, with deep and broken sighs, he
moans, languishes; and dazed, has no words.     non fa motto (Dante)

- - - - -

SUMMER BREAK, AND BEYOND. Starting from August 29, the posts on Torquato Tasso's Gerusalemme Conquistata will be resumed on Tuesdays. As it had been mentioned (here), the final section of the poem is the most actually 'Tassean' of it, with some basic features belonging to his later period, especially the use of long paragraphs stretching beyond the 'borders' of an octave, and the use of a complex language full of difficult phrasings and words, including e.g. place names that are fascinating to listen/read, but boring to trace back. Translating a stanza here and there proved an unsuccessful method. So, a more experimental kind of translation will be adopted from now on -- though less experimental than The 7 Days of CryAction (see) -- choosing the section lengths independently of the octaves, and preserving the 'esotic' sounds without trying to find the English equivalents of those terms by any means. Hope you will enjoy it.

The posts on G. B. Marino's Adone (Adonis) will be regularly published on Fridays, starting from September 1.