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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 411-474

The impulsive panther
whose body quickly obeys
its ever-restless soul
has very elastic limbs;
painted with spots is
the elegant leopard
that hiding its horrors
under a deceiving skin
allures naïve animals
[420] and such shrewdness
proves more precious
than the job of jumping.
The she-bear lazes about
in mountain meadows
wrapping her wild soul
in rough bones and brawn
almost misshapen;
in cold ragged caverns
she yearly hibernates.
[430] But going berserk
she attacks her assailants
armed with iron devices
to inflict infinite blows
almost as desiring death.
Her technicist tongue
shapes her defective cubs
What about you boor?
What about the upbringing
of your innocent children?
[440] Mould their minds
with a teaching tongue;
or, is yours a yelling one?
A wounded bear will
follow Nature’s methods
to heal herself: the most
serious scars are tamponed
with Verbascum leaves
that dry the blood drain.
A scarcely seeing snake
[450] eats fennel to expel
evil humors from its eyes.
Eagles employ lettuce
to strengthen their sights.
A turtle lethally poisoned
by the viper’s venom
looks for health and life
from oregano and rightly so.
A sick Renard to repel
death resorts to an elixir:
[460] two drops of pine resin.
A steinbock stabbed by
an iron arrow in its ribs
provides itself with first aid
with ready-made medicine:
by eating dittany, the arrow
slips out automatically.
A monkey is the meal
of weak Ugolino Lion;
goat blood for jaguars
[470] olive twigs for deer.
But for you sick soul
you retrieve no remedy
the only authentic cure
the juice of Scripture.

(to be continued on July 9)

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