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Sunday, July 9, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 475-542

by Selkis + ilTM

Nature shows the signs
to weigh the weather too
hot cold clear cloudy
or threatening a tempest
so that artificial forecast
[480] of winds rain storms
often proves less reliable.
When winter approaches
sheep stuff themselves
as foreseeing the shortage
caused by the cold season.
The oxen enclosed
in smelly cattle sheds,
when spring sails back,
stirred by a sixth sense
[490] stretch their subdued
necks beyond the fodder
longing for open spaces.
The hedgehog’s home
has not one door but two
one turning southward
the other northward;
and when Boreas blows
the respective door is shut
when an African wind
[500] heats, the hedgehog
screens the south side.
This shows to our senses
that Providence permeates
everything on every side
and to check the chosen ones
doesn’t dismiss the lowest:
even a brute is granted
a foresight of the future.
And will we always look
[510] at our present predicament
forgetting afterlife?
Think of the famous case
of the hardworking ants
which wait for winter
by amassing in summer
in advisable advance
without slowing down
getting accustomed to toil;
in often dry fields are
[520] their Erga kai Hemerai
till the storehouse is full.
Their natural tools cut
the fruits to be desiccate
as long as the clear sky
gives positive signs
for during those duties
no rain will ravage,
forecast are not false.
In microscopical cellars
[530] supplies are stored up
by diligent dispensers.
Not only the sunlight
but the moon also admires
untiring ants at work,
so do many warm nights
subtracted from sleep
and added to activity:
in limbs so little, much
ingenious industry was
[540] engineered by Nature
or rather Nature’s Parent
passed his skills on to her.

(to be continued on July 16)