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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 543-598

How great how grand
how majestic O Master
is your portfolio, full
of infinite wisdom!
We Adam’s descendants
as a biological bonus
have congenital faculties
[550] fixed in the fetus
and exhibited after birth.
No law no folklore no
example samples them
to the simple-minded soul
in its delicate limbs
but its very Will within
stirs and drives it.
Who taught it to hate
the diseases that destroy
[560] humanity, and death,
without texting to it?
No law and no intellect
but she who sweetly
makes us the mentors
of ourselves: Physis.
In this fashion the soul
voluntarily shuns vice
without being warned,
so that seeing sexy Virtue,
[570] Man’s mind falls in love
and flies away from Sin
and hijacks to heaven.
Vice is interior illness
burning with blue desire
while virtue contrariwise
is the heart’s health
firm and unforgetful.
Therefore Astraea is a star,
Prudence praised, Temperance
[580] thanked, and tougher
still is fearless Fortitude
(the fu**er of Fortune)
honored with arches
and altars and temples:
Psyche’s saintly friends
and beauties still better
than physical health.
Children! Respect dad
and let dad do the same,
[590] don’t strain them
for Nature knows better.
If a relentless lioness
loves her children and
a wolf fights for his cubs
till death, can human dads
cruelly despise their kids?
Fierceness, forgetfulness
in the acts of parents?

(to be continued on July 23)

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