SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 599-660

from HD Wallpapers (site)

Oh maternal love that
[600] even softens the tigress
who pursuing a prey,
and tired, suddenly turns
back to check her cubs;
she finds the den devoid
of her adored offspring
and springs at full speed
after their kidnapper.
There flees, and swiftly,
the hunter on horseback,
[610] who to save his skin
(no other way works)
with a fiendish fraud
deludes the yellow fury:
he throws a transparent
reflective ball before her
she sees herself and
thinks it’s a tiger cub
so she brakes and tries
to catch her own child,
[620] bring it back home.
She loses a lot of time
because of that bluffer
then runs back in anger
to nab the kidnapper
and she nearly succeeds,
but again he avails
himself of that method
and stops his pursuer.
No oblivion obliterating
[630] her maternal sentiments
she unfortunately surrounds
the diabolical icon
misinterpreting it more.
Her fearful symmetry
loses sons and vengeance
that is always so sweet.
A tiger loves her sons
a lioness loves them also
as well as a wild bear
[640] so its nothing noticeable
if an innocent sheep or
a savagely shy hind love
their newly-born babies.
Among a thousand sheep
a harmless lamb plays
then slinks off the fold
but remembering mom
and desiring a snack
he hurries back home
[650] an udders-addict
even if they prove empty;
even if others are full
he’ll surely skip those tits
for mom’s is the one milk.
And she detects her son
among a thousand others
with senses substituting
the role of reason: senses
maybe more developed
[660] than Aristotelian logic.

(to be continued on July 30)