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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sad news from Jaffa

After Vafrino has finished to inform about the plot against Godfrey of Bouillon, Count Raymond of Toulouse (a historical personage) lists the other many problems of the Crusaders.

[GC 17: 76.5 - 78.6a]

And Raymond said, "A more annoying
and sad news I have, more bitter grief;
I'd like not to redouble anxiety,
but omitting would prove of no help.
Goldemar and Peletto marched to the port
as a good escort to Ligurian friends
by leading one rank and the other,
but between Lydda and Rama they
were attacked. Giberto, Aicardo died,
too thick was the mob of those infidels;
now all the men left to me are weak,
or did shed their lives with their blood.
Joppe, an old city and unsafe,
unpeopled, cannot defend itself,
but leaves its solitary walls -- like
things neglected -- to conquerors.
Our fleet in its harbor there can resist
no more. . ."

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