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Sunday, August 27, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 766-844

R'lyeh by ilTM + Selkis

If the love for children
or intimate intercourse
goes so deep with deer
what will it make with
[770] us the selfish species?
It wont look unbelievable
if so many many times
such a passion produced
inextinguishable flames
like Ithaca against Troy
in wrath and with steel
fires carnages collapses
throughout city and sea.
Now lets deal with dogs
[780] with super-senses:
What human minds can
scarcely philosophize
on subtle syllogisms
weaving different figures
with Gordian knots,
a dog can undoubtingly
learn led by Nature.
Finding the footprints
of a hare or, say, a stag
[790] where a path splits
in two directions or more
he examines and scents
every end of the routes
and to himself he seems
to mumble, “The game
went this way or that
or the third hypothesis;
but not one nor two
therefore it chose three.”
[800] Thus the dog deduces,
his senses allow the art
of determining truth.
Not more methods were
listed by philosophers
or carved on sea sands
for any argumentation;
out of three things two
were sentenced to death
and the third found to
[810] be true, though ready
to be washed away.
The bombastic brains
of miserable mortals
does not see the sand
where truth lies unless
divine light vitrifies it,
otherwise at sunset
the wind will delete it.
Old civilizations boasted
[820] of Pantagruelian pillars
with the portraits of arts
in Hermes’ sanctuary
and renowned in R’lyeh
were columns containing
safe from fires ’n’ floods
pre-human memories:
Well, of neither nowadays
any ruin remains, and
night hides their names.
[830] Against detective dogs
the preys developed
the technique of deleting
their footprints so that
no sign of life is left;
they also know about
the winds that would
hand them to the hounds.
So Providence permeates
everything—He sometimes
[840] helps the preys’ escape
but often offers them
to the bolder beasts
distributing their spoils
and supplying strength.

(to be continued on Sept. 3)

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