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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


The Muslims prepare to attack the Christian fort near the harbor of Jaffa, in five squads. Meanwhile one of Argantes' brothers, Norandin (all of these are fictional characters), rides back to the Muslim ships in order to ask for more help, but. . .

[GC 17: 95.7 - 96.8]

But, on his superb horse's back, he cannot
avoid an untimely end in a hard death.
He would not see again the high walls
of Aelia and of the embellished palace     A. Capitolina (Jerusalem)
that he had occupied as his own home;
in vain had he hoped in a happy return—
a dark whirl of war tore him away
as we see a fir, an ash being uprooted.
He fell where a cruel spear pierced him,
a man who opposes his fate in vain.

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