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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 845-931

Kommissar/Commissario/Inspector Rex

Is any memory firm as
that belonging to dogs?
Or, is there any greater
example of thankfulness
than a dog’s who dares
[850] attack a thief
and wreck his robbery?
He is ready to die with
his owners, or for them,
and save their lives
by sacrificing himself.
Often before a court
a four-footed friend
accused the culprits by
barking and was believed
[860] so that the sentence
fell on the right fellow.
In Antioch—stories tell—
in a solitary place a man
(owning a dog) lay dead
at the uncertain hour
that divides day and night
and calls the employees
to their job or to the joy
of a deserved rest. The
[870] murderer, a mercenary
as violent as Vanni Fucci
imagined he could hide
his crime under the cloak
of tenebrous night;
the same mantle he
put on and went away.
The dead man remained
pale in his own plasma.
People came to peep
[880] as the dog dismally
mourned his own master.
Meanwhile the murderer
sullied by his sin but
simulating innocence
paced back to the place
cos he intended to chat
scot-free about the “feat”
(beware of blah blahs!).
Joining the onlookers he
[890] displayed a long face
and viewed the victim.
Then the brave beast
stopped suddenly to wail
and jumped for justice
with frightening fangs
and growling low made
all people perplexed.
To stress his trustworthiness
he stopped the contractor
[900] by dint of teeth
till the killer shocked
could no longer offload
the guilt of that gruesome
effect of his hate nor
silence the suspicions
emerging in all minds.
No witness will defend
him against a dumb dog:
He is tied and executed.
[910] This is one thousandth
of the deeds of dogs
often beautifully buried
together with their lords
or put on the same pyre
or among slaying soldiers
expressing big exploits.
They got rid of tyrants
so lets make monuments
to canine champions
[920] carving their conquests;
after wars and wanderings
they triumphed together
with human partners and
hurried back home.
Greece greeted them
so did innumerable islands.
Wilderness witnessed
their valiant victories,
their heads were honored,
[930] thousands of trophies
were hunted with their aid.

(to be continued on Sept. 10)

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