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Sunday, September 10, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 932-988

by Raphael, ilTM, and Selkis

I have till now neglected
(not even one tiny word)
the illustrious horses
the comrades of knights
in jousts and army jobs
sharing their vicissitudes.
You verily are warriors
stirred by the trumpets
[940] you partake in pursuits
that give gold and glory.
It was seen in Pisa and
Olympia every four years
and in Thebes and Troy
in Greek games and wars
like Marathon and Leuctra
Pharsalia and surroundings;
carrying knights on your
strong backs in battle as
[950] one mighty monster
you created the centaurs.
Who could fittingly tell
about your enterprises?
You poured precious
blood with your riders
but even—incredibly—
shed sorrowful tears
because of their death.
You partook in the triumphs
[960] of heroes and emperors,
Bucephala (now Jalalpur)
was named after a steed.
Not Neptune’s trident
was your obstetrician
no potter produced you:
God’s vigorous voice
trumpeted your birth
even before bothering
about Adam.
[970] That voice obviously
obeyed by Nature now
perpetuates your race.
But may your majestic
almost-human spirit be
edified by Jesus Christ
who on a Palm sunny day
held a donkey dearer
leaving you to the leaders
of the ruling countries.
[980] Let power and pomp
and mundane magnificence
yield to humbleness
to the silent suffering
of the donkey dignified
in Bethlehem as behooved
by the heavenly King
who has no horses and
no equine escutcheons. . .

(to be continued on Sept. 17)

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