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Sunday, September 17, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 989-1045

Darwinism, by ilTM + Selkis (and D. G. Rossetti)

How could curiosity lead
[990] me absolutely astray?
We were wondering about
providence in Day Six.
Providence, not selection
made the animals that
finish off the food chain
little less than infertile
while plentifully prolific
are harmless herbivores
which all too easily
[1000] turn into titbits.
Dozens of babies are born
of a hare, a pair each time
of a mountain goat and
twins of a wild sheep
for a fruitful offspring
means more survivors
after the lions lunch.
While a lioness scarcely
bears one, that rips her
[1010] belly with its claws
as a cub born to kill
thru a splattering uterus.
The viper also violates
its mother’s meatuses
by breaking her body.
Paying attention to
animal anatomy you see
Shaddai didn’t shape
too much nor too less.
[1020] He fixed the fangs
within the whole mouth
of fierce flesh-eaters
but partially empty are
the jaws of herbivores
that ruminate tranquil
in their lazy lifestyle.
All those biological bags
and digestive systems
like food refineries
[1030] to fuel the physical,
the pure and the impure
that ends up expelled
are not pastime toys
but tools indispensable
to sustain existence
either enduring or brief.
The camel’s neck extends
up to reaching the earth
and grazing the grass.
[1040] A short neck is shown
by lions tigers and bears
and all other orders that
don’t process the plants
and don’t go grazing
but are blood bandits. 

(to be continued on Sept. 24)

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