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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

[GBM] Hold on! -- and cross fingers

Eustache Le Sueur, Venus Presents
Cupid to Jupiter

The Judgment of Paris in G. B. Marino's version: Paris is frightened by Juno's and Minerva's threats. Venus comforts him. In retrospect, as readers, we see that her reasons of comfort are the same that she will use with her own lover Adonis under the menace of jealous Mars, and, well, in both cases she will prove wrong.


"Adonis, my dear, what fear now seizes you?
If Love is with you, what can you be afraid of?     see Romans 8.31
Don't you know that on his arrow's point
all triumphs, all trophies have their location?
And that against his all-powerful power
the most powerful gods too are powerless?
And that the invincible strength of his fire
blows out the flashes of Jupiter himself?"     fire. . .blows out: witticism

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