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Friday, October 13, 2017

[GBM] Oops

The Judgment of Paris in G. B. Marino's version: Juno and Minerva definitely do not share Paris' decision. Juno voices their feeling.


"Rather than glorious, baleful     like Achilles' wrath
such a choice will be for you.
Know that the honor and glory that
you judged to take away from me
will put the shame on your deeds,
immortal infamy on your stock.     from Dante, Inferno 28.109
The evil, malign beauty who was     Helen; Juno quotes Inferno 1.97
your prize will be your torment."

N.B. Starting from next week, the translations from Tasso's Gerusalemme Conquistata and Marino's Adone will be posted only on Tuesday: alternately, two episodes from Marino in a row, then one from Tasso, etc.

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