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Sunday, October 1, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 1140-1221

after Paolo Uccello

Another animal
living in icy Siberia
is both big and devout;
in view of winter coming
it stores food supplies
in a warehouse within
to be emptied when needed
as from a refrigerator.
Wisely saving water
and supplies, they survive
[1150] like cities that foresee
a siege and stock up
packs of provisions
in stands and cellars.
But the elephant also
(one was admired in Rome
in the sixteenth century)
can be tamed: this way
God gives us evidence
of Man’s master mind
[1160] Man his live image
Man the immortal heir
of heavenly houses
and destined to deity.
Not only big beasts
make us look amazed
at divine providence;
it touches the tiniest too—
not less than Himalaya
that scrapes the skies
[1170] is valuable a valley
that lets hikers avoid
Aeolus’ guts and gusts,
who love the altitudes,
and seek relaxing refuge
under a serene sky.
The elephant however huge
is freakishly frightened
by the miniature mouse.
Scorpions are scary too
[1180] with points ’n’ poison
but let temerarious tongues
stop spitting against God
as the Creator of cobras
worms dragons & snakes
which by throwing venom
cause atrocious death.
They blame the Master
when this wasteful age
rebelling against reason
[1190] is properly punished
with widespread plagues,
they despise the doctor
for the treatment is tough.
But if you trust Ho Theos
you will bypass the basilisk
Sabertooth and T-rex,
they’ll submit immediately
to your powerful foot.
Let us revise the episode
[1200] when Paul’s holy hand
after his landing in Malta
gathered wood: the viper
did not shock or KO him
and its ivy-like venom
did not harm his hand
for God protects the pure.
Should I painstakingly
frame a snaky story
about hats and necklaces
[1210] of hissing serpents
cerulean and swollen?
Of dumb dancing nagas
phareae cenchri chelydri
alpha-sibens and the fiery
snake looking like a dart
that hurls lethal liquid?
Or you, the notorious
African killer who hitting
do not only destroy
[1220] the spirit but disperse
the corpse into nothingness?

(to be continued on Oct. 8)

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