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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 1265-1314

Not one was left behind
of either infertile plants
or fertile sprouting full
of fruits from the beginning,
laden and beautiful,
[1270] unlike in our times
when each in its season
reaches its ripeness.
The seed is sawn first
superficially or deep
then an herb appears
which goes on growing
driving roots downward
as firm foundations
and blooming into branches
[1280] leaves and flowers.
Last, not least the fruit
surfaces although unripe
then constantly changes
in a set of shapes;
nearly invisible at first
and eluding our looks
like the corpuscles
whirling in the sunlight,
it assimilates the humus
[1290] and drinks the dew
till it takes on many tints
like a Flemish still life.
But in Genesis genetics
forests in their fullness
flourished and the fruits
could be perceived plain
not green but ripe already
so as to attract the animals
to come to dry land life
[1300] and taste such dainties.
Inseminated by Shem’s God
the Earth edidit herbs
and fruits with filaments
inside for an immortal
propagation so as to replace
extinct environments.
The beasts were born
already dressed in rough
hair or white wool, with
[1310] horns hoofs claws
they appeared armed
in their legal age
without knowing about
infancy and innocence.

(to be continued on Oct. 22)

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