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Sunday, October 22, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 1315-1399

HPL, The Dunwich Horror (by ilTM + Selkis)

This whole volume indeed
this wonderful world
did not start from ABC
and popped up perfect.
Did You make monsters?
[1320] You didn’t, Director
of Physis: it was the fault
of ill-measuring matter
now scanty now redundant.
If the sperm of a male
weak insofar as old
or feeble as too early
is unable to activate
the ovules to operate
in that wet dwelling
[1330] it will fatally fail—
a painful necessity,
while entirely unneeded
are mutant monsters
devoid of destination.
Here stubborn matter
rebels against Progress,
the end of development;
excluded X-Men issue.
When hyle however is
[1340] defeated, it follows
chromosomal commands
so that newborn babies
resemble their parents.
Transgressors also
betray their own breed
and turn into monsters;
so much so sometimes
that their degeneration
makes them inhuman
[1350] anthropologically aliens
and from a cursed seed
a cursed Cain is born
shunned by the society
hated by Nature herself.
Old stories report on
a ram-skulled kid
and an ox-headed one
or a calf with a child’s
head or a humble sheep
[1360] looking like a bull.
Think of the frightening
Chupacabra that recalls
a dog and a dragon.
A mare can mate with
a Griffin on the glaciers
of far northern regions
where he watches over
knick-knacks like Smaug.
Well-known everywhere
[1370] are Egyptian hybrids
e.g. a human forehead
embellished with bovine
horns under a veil,
Jove Ammon adored in
a well patronized temple
solitary and surrounded
by a stormy desert.
Pictured and carved
were Anubis in afterlife
[1380] and endless idols.
The Hebrews themselves
imitated the heathens
burning babies to Moloch.
The commencing cause
is Nature who overruns
her pregnancy protocols
by bearing extra-limbed
creatures like one torso
with many horrible heads
[1390] or feet in superfetation.
Therefore Fame felt free
to invent Hekatoncheiroi
with a hundred hands
and to crown Cerberian
Geryon gloriously
in Spain in past times—
but perhaps hinting at
the human mind with
its threefold faculty.

(to be continued on Oct. 29)