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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

[GBM] Summarizing

The Judgment of Paris in G. B. Marino's version: Venus adds to Paris' comfort by lingering on Helen's beauty. The word in line 2, epilogato ("summarized"), corresponds to the Greek verb anakephalaio-o used in the New Testament, Letter to the Ephesians 1.10 with reference to the cosmic Christ. The Latin version of the Bible, the Vulgate, rendered it by a different verb, instaurare ("to establish"); but Greek had been vastly rediscovered during the Renaissance. At any rate, the concept of something recapitulating all other things in itself, especially Man seen as microcosm, was widespread. In Catholic spirituality, see e.g. Dante's Convivio, the sum of all beauty and perfection was also identified with Virgin Mary. -- Flashforward: According to the Iliad, Venus will actually take part in the War of Troy (the consequence of Paris' love story with Helen) on the Trojans' side; but she will cut a poor figure, and be of little help.


"So well does, in her face, of all beauty
the aggregation unite, summarized;
so perfectly gathered together does
all earthly beauty flower in her
that Beauty herself, by far defeated,
fears comparison and feels ashamed.
On having worked on such a refined     like Athena vs. Arachne
veil, Heaven and Nature compete."     veil = flesh

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