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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Notes on "Romeo and Juliet" (7)

Act II
Scene vi

Line 7  Then love-devouring death . . .
Possibly a source for the controversial phrase in John Milton's Paradise Lost 9.792, when Eve "knew not eating death." She did not know she was eating / about to eat Death, or, she did not recognize all-devouring Death? Shakespeare would suggest the latter.

Line 21  Good even to my ghostly confessor
interestingly enough, Romeo and Juliet, in spite of the family feud, shared the same confessor even before meeting

Scene i

Line 114  O Romeo, Romeo . . .
Benvolio uses the same words as Juliet in Act I, Scene ii, 33; a repetition that, in both the Old and the New Testament, means a (divine) heartfelt address to people in order to show them their duty, see e.g. Genesis 22.11, Acts of the Apostles 9.4

[Enter PRINCE . . . their WIVES, and all.]
Lady Montague will not say one word

Line 139  Where are the vile beginners of this fray?
the Prince does not even ask "who," he will do so later (line 149)

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