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Sunday, November 12, 2017

The 7 Days of CryAction 6: 1520-1599

by ilTM + Selkis (picture data)

There existed of old
the son of mare and deer
embellished by the mane
and the majestic antlers
of parents one and two,
a bastard but beautiful
fast-running and robust
adorned in adulthood
with a rabbinic beard.
In the inland of India this
[1530] rarity roamed free
where wild oxen grazed
who had twisted horns
black hide strong brawn;
then probably disappeared
even tho’ in the far North
wild oxen, aurochses
and moose remained.
On the horse-deer hybrid
however no news come
[1540] nor do steeds have sex
with leopards any longer
to provide hippardions:
Crossbreeds are short-lived
and their names nullified
cause they weren’t created
by the immortal Maker
who eternalizes lineages
and safeguards species.
Gone are the grotesque
[1550] forms of fierce beasts
that flourished in Africa
the direful Disneyland,
or are gradually going
since uncertain stocks
cannot be kept forever.
Only the certified survive
as fixed by the Forger.
Going towards my goal
like a racer out of breath
[1560] I suddenly discern
both buffalos and hyenas
that violate our tombs
and imitate man’s voice.
I see long-horned rhinos
and the one-horned horse
that purges the springs
I see on ice and snow
the native reindeer
draw swift wagons
[1570] I see a lot of animals
polar and tropical
unwitnessed in the West
but illustrious thru legends.
Now no more delays,
tho’ tired I’ll soon reach
a Jurassic jungle where
among myriads of marvels
Adam was waiting for me.
As a confounded child
[1580] in a city for a fair
packed with vulgar people
if looking at a platform
distinguishes his dear
father shining from afar
like a crowned king—
dismisses the mob and
walks towards the place
where his powerful parent
now invites his son with
[1590] a wave or a word,
so throughout this habitat
of mortals and immortals
in which perpetual laws
warrant our welfare
I behaved like a visitor
in a modern museum fully
enjoying the exhibition
and often tarrying before
secondary specimens.

(to be continued on Nov. 19)

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